Chef Richard first discovered his passion for culinary creation while in High School in North Bay, ON. He was given the task of creating a gingerbread sleigh for the Christmas display while working at the Lookout Inn.  It was from there that he began his journey towards becoming chef and owner of Richwell’s Muskoka Fine Foods Inc. 


After sharpening his skills at a couple local restaurants in the North Bay area, Chef Richard caught his first break working under Chefs Scott Gerry, Sean Thomas, Chris Strobach and Andrew Carter at Blue Mountain Resort. He worked in the kitchen for eight years working his way up to Sous Chef. 


Chef Richard then made his way south to Toronto where he worked at Mark McEwan’s North 44 alongside fellow Blue Mountain peer Brooke Mcdougall. While there, Chef Richard worked up through the stations to Saucier as well as doing catering events. Before heading back up North, Chef Richard served as Sous Chef at Bluestone Bistro in Markham as well as Executive Chef of Al Dente Restaurant in Pickering, ON.


After garnering significant experience and studying culinary arts at Algonquin College, Chef Richard was given the opportunity to move into the Muskoka Region, and a few steps closer to realizing his dream of owning his own restaurant. 


While connecting and networking in The Muskokas, Chef Richard cheffed at Rebecca’s, Field of Greens and Patterson Kaye lodge. During this time he connected with Charles Penwell and the two opened Richwell’s Fine Dining. Due to illness, Mr. Penwell was not able to continue in the partnership and Chef Richard became Chef and Owner of what is now Richwell’s Muskoka Fine Foods Inc.